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Whether you need photography, strategy, copywriting or creative direction, I have the skills you need to elevate your brand.


Let's Get You Noticed

With over 2 billion global social media users, it can be hard to cut through the noise. I specialise in creating engaging and on brand content designed to communicate exactly who you are and what you do. 

Tailoring my service to your needs, I offer a range of services to suit every budget. 


Weekly, monthly or quarterly, our sessions are designed around self growth and the acquisition of knowledge. I help you to create clear goals, guide your content into the right direction and create a strategy for your online presence. 


Content is king and boy, do you need a lot of it. Skilled in creating beautiful social media content, I am on hand to provide photography and graphics to make you stand out on the feed and get your grid looking slick. Whether you're a venue, influencer, personal brand or small business in need of product shots, I'm here to help!


From ideas generation to implementation and community management, I offer a full service package to take the stress out of being social. I produce comprehensive bi-weekly or monthly content calendars which clearly outline the content and copy for each platform, implement the content, community manage your channels and report back on growth. Think of all the time you'll save!


With over 7 years of digital copywriting experience, I can transform your website from a lifeless landing page to a search engine optimised haven! Creating a unique tone of voice just for you, I create copy that will make your site sing.

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How I Can Elevate

Your Brand




There's more to social media than just posting a nice photo every couple of days. I delve into your brand identity and demographic to create a strategy that will promote growth, elevate brand identity and leave the guess work out of content.


Content Creation

When it comes to content, it's all about quality. I produce on brand images and graphics to ensure you roll with the big guys and rise above the competition. Whether it's daily, weekly or monthly, I'm on hand to capture the moment.



Sometimes compliments are given and sometimes there are complaints. Users like to be noticed and community management is a necessity for every brand. 7 days a week, I am on hand to get the conversation started.


From Harry Potter and celebrity members' clubs, to cosy mattresses and designer handbags, I have created social media content for a wealth of clients! I manage each brand's presence from idea generation to implementation, working within a unique strategy developed with key goals and KPIs. I specialise in creating beautiful photography, an engaging tone of voice and a clear identity for each client.



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Lauren’s photography skills and social media knowledge have accelerated my personal brand in an amazingly short space of time. You must hire her!
— Alessandra Grace, singer & songwriter
The strategy and content not only grew our brand, it cemented our reputation and brought in new business. We wouldn’t be without her skills.
— David Ferrini, Creative Co.
Lauren not only consistently created fresh content and creative ideas, she was an invaluable asset who impacted our company in a hugely positive way.
— Exposure London

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